Six prize-winners have shown in Singapore

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Le 30 novembre 2013
Thanks to a wonderful partnership with Fidé Fashion Weeks and to our true friendship with Dr. Frank Cintamani, six Atelier Chardon Savard designers from the 2012-2013 promotion have shown their graduation collection in Singapore.

Among a selection of established international fashion designers (Alexis Mabille, Julien Fournié, Stéphane Rolland, Songzio, Michael Cinco, Guo Pei, Sebastian Gunawan, G Dragon,…) showcasing their collections in Singapore at Fidé Fashion Weeks, the Atelier Chardon Savard 2013 prize-winners (Elie Grandjean, Timothé Grand-Chavin, Nofar Gabrieli, Soleyanne Baland, Odessa by Guillaume Hernandez & Ornella Mercadante) have shown their graduating collections on the runway of Fidé Fashion Weeks at the prestigious Marina Bay Sands Complex.

This event followed by an enthusiastic audience was a unique occasion for our graduates to experience and discover the Asian markets.

Selected by an international jury among our fouth year students at the Atelier Chardon Savard yearly runway show and showroom, the prize-winners were invited with the team of our school by the president of the 2013 jury, Dr. Frank Cintamani.

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