Atelier chardon savard investigates the specific techniques of furriers

Status message

Le 01 décembre 2015
Since three years, a partnership with fur and pelts world leader Kopenhagen Fur, third year students at ACS have been given the opportunity of discovering the specific technicalities of fur with the most trained experts.

Starting in 2014 with a lecture at the ACS, the schools long time friends from Kopenhagen Fur (Denmark), have signed with our university a partnership agreement.

In 2014 and 2015, six student and four teacher also have attended a seminar course organized at KICK in Copenhagen (Denmark) for one  full week to better master the technical specifics of pelts together with Kopenhagen Fur experts.

In 2016, the school, now equipped with fur-sewing machines, can welcome the Kopenhagen Fur team to visit our students in Paris and give them the opportunity of experiencing and further learning about fur, and its inclusion in contemporary fashion designs.


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