2nd year Fashion Designer

Status message

You strengthen your skills in fashion design, approach the composition of style books and you develop a creative model.

As you experiment, you develop a personal style. The selection at professional events as well as the annual parade stimulate your technical performances.


  • Style (moodboard, color and material ranges, technical drawings, collection plan)
  • Technical and creative modeling (pattern making, molding, assembly)
  • Sketches of live models
  • Drawing
  • Sampling / Textile (prints, embroidery, weaving)
  • Knitwear initiation
  • Marketing
  • Infographics
  • 3D Initiation Fashion Culture
  • History of art
  • History of the costume
  • English
  • Fashion show workshop


fashion designer school

An end-of-year stage is a first immersion in a company. Visits and professional events and professional interventions complete this program.

Admission in 2nd year is done through an oral and examination of a drawing book (drawing, nude, illustration, still life ...) and of sewing pieces.