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The best of both worlds – fashion and design

With the Fashion Design Bachelor's course, you are guaranteed the best of both worlds:

An accredited fashion design course with a French touch, in cooperation with Macromedia University, which was expressly acknowledged as a unique educational institution by the German Science Council in summer 2016. By combining the proven curriculum of one of the top 5 fashion schools in France with Macromedia University's unique academic profile, we can offer a well-rounded study experience that combines artistic, practice-oriented and theoretical aspects - everything a good fashion designer needs to flourish.

The name Atelier Chardon Savard stands for expertise: sewing machines, fabrics, tailoring, workmanship, drawing, design, practice, fashion and much more besides. In addition professors from France and Germany, who are well established in the fashion world, are on hand to promote your creativity and support you in the development of collections and new fashion trends. In short: you are right in the middle of the fashion scene – absolument!

The cooperation

It was important for us to find a partner that shared this particular sensitivity to the artistic and creative process. With the renowned Macromedia University, we have succeeded in this and are proud to present the Fashion Design B.A. course.

The co-operation means that you receive an accredited, state-recognized Fashion Design B.A. Degree upon graduation. This collaboration also offers many other advantages. Because of the nature of the interdisciplinary exchange, graduates are optimally prepared for a constantly changing professional work environment in our digital, fast-paced world. There are also ample opportunities to complete various different programs and workshops in Freiburg (Germany). New perspectives and exchange programs are also emerging between the Paris, Nantes, Berlin and Freiburg locations, which you can also benefit from.

Berlin is en vogue

Berlin is not just a fashion city for a week, every day, 365 days a year Berlin is en vogue. In recent years, the city has turned into one of Europe's fashion capitals. That's why Atelier Chardon Savard decided to establish a location in Berlin.

"We are afraid of the Berlin fashion scene,” read one media report, "because it is so good!" When it comes to fashion, the city has set out to become a modern-day Paris. Berlin is making itself known in the fashion world, that much is clear. And it's self-proclaimed motto "Weltstadt mit Herz und Schnauze" (capital with heart and gruffness) is evident not only at the numerous fashion shows but also in the broad spectrum of fashion trends, from urban and streetwear to high-quality classic to environmentally friendly and sustainable fashion.

Berlin fashion is not only growing because of Fashion Week, but it's also growing from within. The city is a bubbling haven of individual visions, which come together to create an original masterpiece. This is precisely the reason the studio Chardon Savard decided to open its doors in Berlin. In the words of Cyrille Chardon and Dominique Savard: "We are looking for people with personality, with intuition and passion. We are looking for Berlin."

Berlin is the Top 6 "Best Student City worldwide 2017“, not only because it has so much to offer culturally – Berlin is a city that never sleeps!